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Economic transformation

A Research and Policy Proposal on Transformation in E-commerce and Online Marketplaces

The transformation in e-commerce and online marketplaces is reshaping international trade and commerce at an unprecedented pace. To harness the opportunities and address the challenges presented by this transformation, a global and collaborative approach is imperative. By adopting the research and policy framework outlined in this proposal, the United Nations General Assembly can contribute to…

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Support: Fostering Innovation and Economic Growth

Introduction: This report focuses on the origins, challenges, and potential solutions related to entrepreneurship and small business support. It highlights the critical role of entrepreneurs and small businesses in driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth. By analyzing data and statistics from both the United States and the global landscape, the report presents an overview…

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Enhancing Economic Mobility and Social Mobility: A Global Imperative

Introduction: This summary discussion document aims to highlight the importance of addressing economic mobility and social mobility on a global scale. It provides an overview of the origins, challenges, and policy gaps related to these issues, along with recommendations for promoting inclusive and sustainable development worldwide. Key Points: Global Significance: Economic mobility and social mobility…

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