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Welcome to the Global Transformation Forum

We believe in  transformative and innovative approaches that make you think-and act-differently. And everything we do reflects the input of our Members and their real-world challenges. We do this by delivering business insights and sector and global transformation insights. We deliver independent, nonpartisan and leading transformation insights

Mission Statement:

“To catalyze global transformation by integrating cutting-edge research, pioneering events, dynamic media initiatives, and multifaceted endeavors. Guided by a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and ethical leadership, we seek to empower individuals and organizations worldwide to effect positive change across societal, business, and personal spheres.”

Vision Statement:

“Being the foremost global influencer and catalyst for transformative change, the Global Transformation Forum envisions a world where innovative research, transformative events, compelling media, and collaborative efforts converge to inspire, equip, and drive sustainable, positive transformations in communities, businesses, and individuals.”

Purpose Statement:

“At the Global Transformation Forum, our purpose is to champion and amplify the discourse on transformational issues. Through pioneering research initiatives, impactful events, and resonant media platforms, we aim to become the preeminent advocate, resource, and collaborative hub for advancing societal, business, and personal transformations on a global scale. Our dedication rests in fostering inclusive dialogue, innovative solutions, and actionable insights to steer impactful change journeys across continents.”

Our Board

Our board of ten volunteers cut across industries and gender and are individuals who are leaders in their organisations and also passionate about issues of transformation. Our board members bring together a combined hundreds of years of executive and board level experience to assist us move the global transformation agenda forward.

Our Management team

Dr Vivian  A. Atud
President and CEO , The Global Transformation Forum LLC

Dr Atud is the President & CEO of The Global Transformation Forum LLC, the leading private source of business intelligence and transformation research. She brings to The Global Transformation Forum an extensive corporate and global background. She has served as executive at various organisations globally and is the founder of Atud and Associates, an organisation that leads research and Advisory services in Africa. She is also the CEO of the American Transformation Forum.

Dr Atud also possesses a strong policy background. From 2009 to 2011, she was a Senior Economist of the Free Market Foundation. She has been on leading research advisory boards and written various advisory notes to ministers in Africa and also consulted for the African Union and other Organisations. She has also been a Research Associate with the University of South Africa.

She has a Bachelor’s of Economics and Women and Gender Studies,  a Master’s of Management  and Marketing Information technology degree and a PhD in Business Management.  She is a contributor to various news outlets and an author of over ten books.

Chief Operating Officer

Bio to be added soon

Head of Global Transformation Councils

Bio to be added soon

The global Transformation has four divisions.It has four divisions: the Global  Transformation Forum TV show that will feature experts from various sectors discussing issues of transformation in America. The show will have ten seasons, with each season consisting of ten episodes. Each episode will be thirty minutes long, with twenty-four minutes dedicated to the show and six minutes for advertising.

The goal of the show is to provide an open platform for experts to share their opinions, ideas and perspectives about transformation. The show will address economic, political, social, cultural, and religious topics to provide a comprehensive analysis of the transformation issues facing America.


The second division is focused on transformation research and to build sector specific and national transformation indices. This division shall conduct strategic transformation research, policy research and do various publications aimed at promoting diversity and transformation in America and globally

 The third Division shall be the  Transformation podcast. This shall be aimed at producing and broadcasting podcast series on transformation issues

The final division shall be the  Transformation Forum Events department. This division is aimed at creating high impact events aimed at fostering transformation debate, transformation culture, promoting transformation in various sectors, these shall include sector specific events, regional events, national events and global events on transformation, bringing together policy makers, academics, private sector, NGOs, faith-based community among others.